Trade99 Review Is Trade99 a Legitimate Or a Scam Broker

trade99 review

Trade99 is an exchange broker mostly dealing with cryptocurrencies and places a huge devotion to customer services. However, while they do focus mostly on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, they do also deal with Forex and commodities like oil and precious metals. Most traders and investors have highly regarded it for its satisfyingly lightning-quick and stable trading platform along with its services. Besides, the exchange has won several awards for its use of innovative technologies, trading platforms, and helpful customer support.

Regarding withdrawals, Trade99 ensures a speedy withdrawal process. All that users have to present are their complete particulars, specifically their whole name that stands for their account name and its corresponding account number. To this cause, we would like to present a brokerage company that holds the Cryptocurrency trading industry in esteem.

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This they are doing through partnering with trusted depository banks. Trade99’s website speaks of attractive offers that would have traders scrambling for their digital wallets. Trade99 is a cryptocurrency broker that is the first to employ a fully-regulated and Bitcoin-based CFD platform. On top of that, it also deals with Forex and precious metals. These guidelines outline the eligibility criteria, the application process, and the responsibilities of successful applicants for the Innovation Catalyst Grant.

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Under Trade99, clients are allowed to open an account from its four options. The initial deposit starts at $250, an industry-authorized amount. If clients are having trouble as to which account they should use, they can resort to living chat.

And should you find yourself challenged on which account to choose, the company’s support team would be more than willing to accommodate all your queries to help you out in choosing. Interested parties would be able to reach Trade99 through Whatsapp. This platform has provided me the in-depth details on the latest changes in the market and the real-time updates on cryptocurrency and foreign currency. It helped me a lot while trading with different commodities and multiple-assets in one place. Trade99 is an amazing trading platform, and I appreciate the services they provide to me.

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I earn benefits in a short duration, and it offers me trading 24 hours a day – no matter where I am. But not only that, investors and traders are availed of Live Chats from Trade99’s able-minded support team. Supreme Account requires a minimum deposit of $300 worth of Bitcoins. This itself would already guarantee the trader to trade over 190 assets along with daily market reviews for traders to determine trends.

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Remember that this is not absolute as withdrawal depends on the users’ preferred method, but it must observe the generally practiced timeline. Through Trade99’s education center, all novice traders would be trained properly on how to manage the trading platform the company had employed so that they can go about securing good trades. Trade99 holds an assortment of trading account types up for offer. In total, they have around five accounts that vary in deposit size and premium features. We can’t fully compare and determine which of these are the better as each of the accounts are beneficial in their special way and would depend on the trader’s trading strategies.

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If i talk about the best trading service, then Trade99 is the only name that comes in my mind. This trading platform is very user-friendly and easy to access. One thing i liked the most about it is that i can access my account from anywhere and any device.

  • Trade99 has created quite an emphasis on readily-available customer support – whether it is a technical or fundamental inquiry.
  • In terms of security (which is an absolute must, especially for financial companies and entities), Trade99 utilizes SSL Encryption to secure funds and transactions.
  • On top of that, it also deals with Forex and precious metals.
  • Trade99’s withdrawal method is never less easy compared to the deposit method.

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Customer Support

So what does one do to safeguard themselves from these fraudulent entities? The fact of the matter is we can never be too sure of the people we deal with. The online culture has fostered an age of anonymity that endangers the rights of free-trading and free-buying citizens in this highly-consumerist world. The way to go about keeping our heads above water is to do research—rigorous research at that. Throughout the world wide web, we would find horrifying stories of people being scammed and losing almost, if not, their entire life’s savings because they opted to trust the wrong individuals. And mind you, there are a lot of entities out there who do aim at draining good people of their hard-earned money.

trade99 review

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Alex phoned me and informed me he was my account manager. I had to give proof of ID ect to set up.I spoke regularly with Alex as he did my trading.Alex spoke with an eastern european accent yet claimed he grew up in Greece and then traded in London. He stated he was based in Honk Kong.I had more money to invest so chose to spend £1000. They reply had such bad grammer that I sense they are a scam too… Binance offers an advanced P2P trading platform where you can buy/sell any of the crypto tokens supported with local currency with zero fees. Not only is it equipped with a high level of security, but it also promotes learning and provides education for traders.

On top of all that, Trade99 is backed up by the industry with its claims of legitimacy and credibility. In terms of security (which is an absolute must, especially for financial companies and entities), Trade99 utilizes SSL Encryption to secure funds and transactions. Trade 99 also has insurances for any client or trader willing to sign up, which can be a great stress reliever should unforeseen events are to occur in the company. Trade99’s security systems also contain some of the most advanced I.T.






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